Inga Lockington: Councillor for St Margarets and Westgate

Inga Lockington SCC


147 Westerfield Road,

01473 213 444 (landline)

Inga Lockington was first elected to Ipswich Borough Council in 1999 and to Suffolk County Council in 2001. She is now the Spokesperson for Health and for Ipswich

One thought on “Inga Lockington: Councillor for St Margarets and Westgate”

  1. Dear Inga Lockinhton,
    I am an 81 year old pensioner living at 27 Ivry Street. Myself as well as several pensioners resident in this surrounding area are very much dependant on the no. 7 bus service for their daily shopping, GP visits, pharmacy visits, and other daily needs. This was a half hourly service, which has now been reduced to hourly trips. There is a very popular GP practice at no.5 Ivry Street. The bus is very crowded and mostly full at morning trips. Sometimes some trips are cancelled for unknown reasons.
    We request you to make representation to the bus company to bring back the half hourly services to help the residents in this area.
    Thanking you,
    Chacko Titus

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