Things to Fix

Please help identify the critical issues in the area.  I believe I know most of them but comments attached to this would be visible to all, allow everyone to take part and help ensure nothing is missed.

2 thoughts on “Things to Fix”

  1. What is the future of Barham Picnic Site which I discover is now closed?

    Trying to contact anybody in Suffolk County Council who may have knowledge has proved a very challenging task.

    1. Barham Parish Council is to take it over from the County Council. It will then apply for planning permission to convert the picnic site to three football fields, training, junior and full size. If the application is approved by Mid Suffolk District Council the parish will then lease the site to Claydon Football club who will raise the money to complete the conversion.

      This is driven by the County’s desire to divest itself of all parks, wildlife sites and picnic sites as part of the administrations plan to keep council tax rises to 0%. It will aslo stop the anti social behaviour that has plagued the picnic site for some years and reduced its popularity with families to a low level.

      Overall cost to the parish should be very low as I obtained funds from the County and my locality budget to cover the costs.

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