Given the financial position Godfrey Spanner and certain of the companies involved  the SnOasis winter sports development in Gt Blakenham it appears to many people in the area that it is most unlikely that this development will ever go ahead.

The views I presented to the SnOasis enquirey are at Presentation

2 thoughts on “SnOasis”

  1. Snoasis would be a great addition to the area and if it follows the model of the anow centre in Hemel will help many young kids find their nieche. Its a shame the locals would prefer a manky disused gravel pit, but looking at the endless objections to every plan in that area it seems the people of the area already have objection as their main sport.

  2. I think the issue is the locals rightly want to protect the style of life they currently have, although understandable it does not aid strategic growth in the area. Suffolk/ East Anglia is not blessed with good road links, part of the reason is there would seemingly be no need as there is nothing to drive to. The whole area needs to progress, just as other areas around the country have otherwise investment will never be forthcoming. Investment in the area is key to its survival and this prestige sports facility is a keystone to that investment. The short term myopic view will not aid future generations. The employment it will bring will be a huge boost to the local economy, not just that from the site itself but to local businesses in support of it. Future sports stars flying the flag for Suffolk may well be a welcome outcome too. We need to stop looking at arguments about tangible facts and start thinking about the intangible.

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