Is our house building out of control under the Conservatives ?

We all agree that house building must match the growing population, and the government insist upon it. People are living longer, living on their own and emigrating to and within the UK to do vital jobs. However, new housing must be distributed in a way that does not destroy the Suffolk environment we all enjoy.

After much delay the new Mid Suffolk District Council Local Plan is at last nearing completion but just when will it be delivered? . It should have been produced much earlier to guide developers to locations that villages could tolerate.

It will define the areas for development selecting from those currently proposed to accommodate the predicted expansion in the population. It will also define up to date criteria based policies to control development.

In the meantime our district has received a large number of speculative planning applications in our villages from developers. Until the last couple of months the Conservative- run District Council had failed to show it had a five year supply of land for new homes. After a lot of detailed investigation it has now estimated and agreed with government a 5.24 year land supply but that is too late for many villages.

Liberal Democrats will take action to ensure the Local Plan is delivered without further delay. We will fight for the appropriate infrastructure – roads, schools, medical facilities and community open spaces.

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