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Believe it or not, if you took out all the issues involved in getting yourself, your family and your possessions from a to b – that is, driving, parking, road surfaces, road safety and public transport – I would have very much less to worry about.

The car is a worthy servant but a bad master.  Speaking as a cyclist I can certify that almost all the cars driven in Woodbridge and its environs are driven and parked well and responsibly. A few aren’t.

Just before a County election I was knocked off my bike in broad daylight when cycling correctly and safely on the left hand  side of Naunton Road.  By an oncoming driver who was taking the corner on the wrong side and drove straight into me.  Bruised and shaken (though remarkably unhurt) I burst into tears and said

“Do you realise that if you’d killed me there would be nobody to look after my children!”

To be fair, I think that shocked him almost more than the impact.

I have recently heard from  an elderly couple who had to cancel their 40th wedding celebration evening because they were parked in at home by someone who wanted to leave his car in Seckford Street for the evening and didn’t care what trouble was caused!

There are parking blackspots in various places.

The photoes here were taken on Hasketon Road where parents, waiting to pick up Farlingaye school children, have for years churned up the verges and obscured the sightlines for pedestrians trying to cross the road

I have fought for these bollards ever since I was elected – and paid for them too! George Holmes, with he, is the resident whose campaigning spirit tenacity of purpose has helped make this possible
People feel they have a right to park as close to their destination as possible. Would they do it if they were riding an elephant? yet your average car weighs about the same

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  1. Just discovered your website – its brilliant. I can only believe that the council are cutting bus services so that people will have to travel by car, buy more petrol and so provide more tax revenue for the government. Can’t think of any other reason. I tend not to use the regular bus service to Ipswich because I have found it unreliable but I love the park and ride (and I was against it before it was built). I do drive to it but I could cycle and might in decent weather. I have a bus pass and wouldn’t mind paying a small annual fee, as I do for a rail pass. I don’t mind paying £1.50 ret that we are to pay from April BUT I travel alone, I don’t know 4 other people I could take with me for that same sum. Its the same as the single suppliment syndrome – if you are an independent person who tends to do things alone you are charged so much more than if you were one of the herd. I know we have had a few more bike racks put in Woodbridge, and I am grateful for that, but I am stil waiting for bike racks at the Community Hall.

  2. I was walking with my dog in the Thoroughfare, mid afternoon, and a car came up onto the pavement to park. It proceded to drive right up against my leg and stop with me against the wheel and my dog right at the front bumper. I was very unhappy but the driver stayed there and angrily accused me of being “One of those people who try to make a false insurance claim”.
    There was nothing I could do to explain how affronted I was by this careless driving, apart from start the video camera on my mobile phone and record the unreasonable driver’s accusations. I stood there thinking this must be an offence.
    As long as I was OK and my dog was unharmed I was content to leave the situation, shaken and angered by the complete disregard for a pedestrian.
    As my way to address this I published the video on YouTube including the number plate of the vehicle. That to me must suffice in this case.

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Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge