What does a County Councillor do?

Your County Councillor has a number of different responsibilities: those of a leader, of a representative, and of a learner – and as a lynch-pin of their local area:

As a leader

  • To lead and represent the interests of the local community, its environment and its constituents;
  • To engage with locally interested parties and involve and consult them on key council decisions;
  • To promote and support citizenship locally and empower the community to participate in the governance of the area;
  • To undertake case work for constituents and act as an advocate in resolving concerns or grievances;
  • To communicate with local people and answer enquiries:
    • about decisions that affect them
    • about opportunities in the community
    •  regarding the rights of constituents
    •  as to why decisions are taken

In their locality

  • To participate constructively in the good governance of the area;
  • To use influence to develop links between groups, communities and the locality;
  • To forge local partnerships to ensure resources are used to meet the needs of the area;
  • To act as an informal local scrutineer – maintaining a single ‘overview’ role

As a representative

  • To fulfil the legal and local requirements placed on a councillor in accordance with the Code of Conduct;
  • To inform debate at full council meetings and contribute to the effectiveness of the council meeting as the focus of visible leadership;
  • To participate in the setting of strategic policies;
  • To contribute to the formation and scrutiny of the council’s policies, budget, strategies and service delivery;
  • To ensure good governance and accountability compliance;
  • To contribute toward scrutiny of decision-making and monitoring of services;
  • To represent the council to the community and the community to the council;
  • To develop and maintain knowledge of how the council works and develop working relationships with its officers;
  • To represent the council on outside bodies as and where appropriate.

As a learner

  • To be responsible for personal development and undergo appropriate development and continuous improvement for any role undertaken

Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge