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Incel recognition training in Suffolk

Following the terrible and tragic events in Plymouth last Thursday, it seemed clear that the Incel movement is a barely recognised but increasing extremist movement fostered by lone online contacts – ad that lockdown was an ideal time for such a movement to grow unrecognised.

I therefore wrote to Cllr Matthew Hicks, Leader, and Nicola Beach CEO of SCC, copied to all county councillors:

It has become clear that the “incel ” movement, which radicalises some young men via hatred of women, is as much a danger to the public as any other extremist movement. It is also currently flying under the radar.

As shadow Spokesperson for Women I am asking you to assure me that SCC Combating Extremism training will in future include information about the incel ideology, how it is spread, who is at risk, and how best it can be combated.

Such training would seem to be essential both within the council and for the organisations it supports, to allow professionals and councillors to help identify and contain any such movement within the county.

I will be writing separately to Tim Passmore to express the same concerns.

I have since received a reply from Nicola Beach on behalf of herself and the Leader to confirm that training will be altered to include this.