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More bus cuts devastate the Woodbridge community

Sudden shocking level of cuts to bus services in Woodbridge and beyond demonstrate how completely a privatised model of bus service has failed us country dwellers. Private companies think of shareholder, not of passenger need, and by law the county council can only subsidise services that do not make a profit.

County’s recent decisions to stop funding all roadside bus timetables and refusal to accept bus passes on “on-demand” replacements has added to the confusion and shock of the vulnerable, elderly and disabled people who are most affected.

Young people travelling to college on the Sudbourne – Ipswich 71 (cut from November 2019) have no alternative.

The fast and efficient 800 park and ride extension to Rendlesham vanished last week with three weeks notice. First had never advertised this service on-bus although Woodbridge is crying out for means to take visitor parking offstreet (and I had told First so).

At the same time, cuts and amendations to the 64 bus route have left teachers unable to reach school, disabled people in Peterhouse without access to services, workers in Ipswich with no bus home after 6pm, and no chance of evening hospital visiting by bus at all. It is truly terrible.

We are told by First that passenger numbers do not add up. I am personally reliant on buses, and this has not been my experience. I have also been told that First didn’t count bus pass holders. They are paid for them.

There is little point in councils announcing climate emergency if it is not translated into sustainable travel.

I am calling on  the people of iWoodbridge, Martlesham, Melton and other affected parishes to join me in protesting these damaging decisions by signing this petition .

I am calling on  the parish representatives Woodbridge, Martlesham, Melton to join me in protesting these damaging decisions to First, the council and our MP.

And I also call on everyone to reject our national broken model of bus transport


Woodbridge: What’s been happening – July

More roads, less buses, millions wasted on consultants and residents deprived of vital services  for want of a  hundred thousand or so – despite declaring a climate emergency, County’s strangely dual attitude to money and transport continues this month..

Suffolk County Council announces funding cuts to subsidised bus routes   Suffolk County Council has announced that 23 subsidised bus routes will no longer receive funding from the council, in a bid to save £340,000. This means that over a third of subsidised bus routes in the county will lose their funding. This will include the early morning 71 we can take from Woodbridge  to Ipswich to get us there in time for work/college.

The decision to cut £340,000 from the subsidised buses budget was made in February, when the Council agreed on the budget for the current financial year. I spoke against this cut at the time, as well as other cuts that will affect bus users such as the decision to no longer print bus timetables. It seems that  not everybody listened. Continue reading Woodbridge: What’s been happening – July

Woodbridge: Lost and altered bus services

Suffolk County Council has just released information of all those buses that will now cease or change hours.

The underlying principle of most of the timetable changes has been to remove evening and Sunday services.  This – of course – is not much of an issue  for those who are mobile by other means. It is a tragedy for others.

Particularly as the SCC mantra that cut services ’will be replaced by demand responsive transport’ does not apply  to most cuts as I have had confirmation from council officers that SCC  has no interest or intention  in extending the demand responsive transport service beyond 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday.

Basically this change  is going to be a huge loss to those people who have few other choices. Imposed on them by those who have little or no concept of what it is like to need to rely on such services. Another example, in other words, of Suffolk’s democratic deficit.

I am adding a list of all the bus service changes that are likely to affect Woodbridge residents:

62A  Ipswich – Woodbridge – Wickham Market   Sponsored  Evening/ Sunday service withdrawn ALREADY

62B   Ipswich – Woodbridge – Rendlesham   Sponsored Evening and Sunday service withdrawn ALREADY

66 Martlesham Heath – Grange Farm – Kesgrave -Ipswich Commercial   Timetable / route changes

70   Woodbridge – Bealings – Ipswich OCM  Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

70   Ipswich – Grundisburgh – Woodbridge   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

70   Ipswich OCM – Grundisburgh – Woodbridge  Sponsored  Timetable / route changes

70    Ipswich – Bredfield – Woodbridge   Sponsored   Timetable / route changes

70   Ipswich – Bredfield – Woodbridge    Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

70A   Ipswich – Rushmere – Bealings   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

70A   Woodbridge – Grundisburgh – Ipswich  Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

70A  Ipswich – Bredfield – Woodbridge   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

71  Ipswich – Bealings – Woodbridge – Hollesley – Orford   Sponsored  Timetable / route changes

71A  Leiston – Sudbourne – Orford – Hollesley – Woodbridge   Sponsored  Timetable / route changes

121    Halesworth – Laxfield – Ipswich  Sponsored Service withdrawn. SCC maintains “Journeys to alternative locations from most villages

165  Leiston – Rendlesham – Woodbridge – Kesgrave – Ipswich  Part sponsored  No change

172   Woodbridge – Kirton – Trimley – Felixstowe   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

173  Woodbridge – Martlesham – Felixstowe   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

174   Woodbridge – Kirton – Trimley – Felixstowe   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

178       Woodbridge – Bucklesham – Ipswich   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

179 Woodbridge – Kirton – Bucklesham – Ipswich   Sponsored    Timetable / route changes

You can find full information about all Suffolk bus service changes here

My chinese quotation for today HAS to be

苛 政 猛 于 虎 ( kē zhèng měng yú hǔ): harsh government is crueller than a tiger