Sizewell C

September 2020

Power lines from Sizewell Photographer: John Myers

If you wish to continue  objecting to the Sizewell C plans you must register – giving an outline of your concerns  BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. Register here

I’ve registered, outlining the following concerns:

As elected county councillor for a division affected by this proposed development,

  • I wish to register concern about the development’s long-term – in some cases irreparable -effect upon and damage to the heritage coast, the AONBs and ancient landscape of Suffolk coastal.
  • I wish to register concerns about building this power plant on a shoreline threatened by both erosion and sea level rise at a time of increasing climate change
  • I wish to register additional concerns about the delivery of both building materials, and subsequently the energy generated by land rather than by sea.
  • I wish to register my concerns as to the environmental and societal impact of that overland delivery.
  • I wish to register my concerns as to the cost of the power produced, especially in light of the waste that remains.
  • I wish to register my concerns about the impact this construction will have on local people’s way of life.
  • I wish to register my concerns that the income  brought in by both construction and operation will in no way ameliorate the damage of this project  to the income to the tourist industry on which this Heritage Coast relies.
  • I wish to register my concern about the seeming paucity of truly local jobs gained and how many other local jobs lost through Sizewell C.
  • I wish to register my concerns as to the disproportionate loss caused to our community and environment by this project, and the correspondingly disproportionate benefits that  are offered elsewhere.
  • Finally I want to register my concerns as to the potential danger that this plant can cause the inhabitants of the Suffolk Coast, including those in my division


July 2020

Will last-minute changes to the Suffolk Coastal Neighbourhood plan help enable Sizewell and disadvantage local residents?

Toothless? Is Suffolk’s heritage coast still protected?

At Suffolk County Council’s July  full council, Lib Dems and Greens were lonevoices against SizewellC as Labour joined forces with the COnservatives to vote down our motion scrapping it

Suffolk County: LibDems and Greens lone voices against Sizewell





Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge