Rebuilding Jetty Lane Community Youth & Arts Centre

Jetty Lane: bringing back  youth, arts, community facilities to Woodbridge!

Update: February 2019: Jetty Lane gets planning permission unanimously agreed by Suffolk Coastal District Council. They commend its style, intent, scope, strategy and design. We are thrilled!

Update: July 2018:  Jetty Lane has been lucky enough to be benefiting from a number of generous initiatives and donations  in recent weeks– perhaps most notably an amazingly generous anonymous donation of £10,000 last week which will enable the CIC apply for planning permission (yes, its very expensive!).

However, the CiC has also enjoyed the help of many other kind supporters over the last month: both  donations from individuals and support from: the Regatta bucket collection, the Great Get Together, the Riverside Musical Theatre’s Showstoppers, and a lovely coffee morning fundraising from Deben Yacht club.

We are very grateful!

Although we have been given the lease at a peppercorn rent we have to raise every penny to build this centre ourselves – so are grateful for every penny you can spare! When it is built it will be not only marvellous provision for us and our children – but a magnificent legacy for their children and children’s children.
You can donate via Paypal (our email: or via cheque, payable to Jetty Lane CiC and sent to 31 Hillyfields, Woodbridge IP12 4DX

Full information can be found on the website  And please visit  our Facebook page Jetty Lane Woodbridge for all the up-to-date  news and information on this wonderful legacy project for Woodbridge!

Jetty Lane Our story started when Woodbridge’s Youth Centre was condemned – and many youth, arts and other community groups lost their home in the town, because there were no other facilities that were affordable and appropriate.

Youth group Just 42 are operating out of 2 shipping containers on the site and all the others:  Kook Sul Wan martial arts, the Gateway club for learning disabled adults, the Company of 4 rehearsals, and many many more are scattered around the edge of Woodbridge.

Other groups have come forward with unmet needs – notably the 1st Woodbridge Scouts – at 110 years old,  one of the oldest scout groups in the world! Young artists cant afford studio space.

The only answer was to rebuild – and where better than the land on which the old youth centre used to be

Having persuaded Suffolk County Council to give us a 125y lease at peppercorn rent, I am one of a  group of volunteers who have formed Jetty Lane CiC to rebuild a centre on the same site to provide present and future youth, arts and community groups in Woodbridge the purpose-build facilities they so desperately need. The othercic directors are Cordelia Richman,  Caroline Rutherford and Adam Thorpe.

Caroline Page
Chair, Jetty Lane CiC

Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge