Melton Hill Development

Melton Hill current plan Delusions of cityscape: Giant single slope roofed towers – suitable for an urban setting but eather out of place in tiny Woodbridge dwarf the down and overlook all neighbouring housing

February 2020   The latest news on this is that after the third application was passed by the new East Suffolk Council, the second application (which had gone to appeal having been rejected) was turned down. Apparently this invalidated the third application. Watch this space

Melton Hill – the Attack of the Giant Cheese Wedges

The Giant Cheese Wedges at Melton Hill – have your say, fast

Melton Hill –  Woodbridge  should plan for its future

Melton Hill’s development – important unanswered questions

My letter to EADT  e Melton Hill

Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge