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Woodbridge – Kyson Point: closure of the embankment path

The Environment Agency is closing the  footpath along the embankment from Woodbridge to Kyson point (don’t worry – I have asked them to ensure it is reopened briefly for the Regatta weekend) . There will be an alternative footpath route opened for the summer.

Why is this necessary and what are they doing?  When I asked the Environment Agency their spokesman explained: 

 ” the Kyson embankment has been suffering from erosion by the tides (as all sea walls do). Recently the original revetment, which consisted of loose concrete and rubble blocks has given way, exposing the clay of the embankment and allowing the erosion process to speed up. To repair the embankment, we will be replacing the clay which has been eroded from the front of the bank and covering this clay with a new revetment, made of open stone asphalt. This material is extremely resilient, reducing our future maintenance costs, and helps to break the wave action, rather than reflect the wave energy, which helps to maintain the level of the salt marshes. The material will soon vegetate and in time become completely hidden from view. We will, in the time available, be addressing the worst areas of erosion this year and will then, subject to funding, return next year to continue the work.”

Giving my 128th pint of blood…

Here’s a scary fact: 96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood.

So, if you’re generally healthy and aged between 17 and 65, why not do something amazing? Give blood too. The NBS staff down at the  Woodbridge Community Centre sessions  will only be too glad to help you.

I started very regular blood donation when my brother – who had the same blood group as myself – became ill with a rare cancer, and every couple of weeks would need pints of blood as a transfusion. His illness lasted no more than six months – and that was  thirty years ago.

Do you know, all the blood I have given since then, all 128 pints of it,  would probably only just about cover the amount he was given during his illness. It really makes you think.

Heres a picture  I took on Friday last as I gave my latest pint down in Woodbridge Community Hall.

It takes very little time to donate a pint of blood. (And you get a fab range of biscuits afterwards..)

They have regular blood donation sessions in Woodbridge, Kesgrave and Martlesham as well as a number in Ipswich. You can search for a session here:

Please don’t leave it to someone else.