Neil Montgomery 1931 -2021

Neil Montgomery as volunteer guide showing the remains of a hanged man preserved in the sand at Sutton HooWoodbridge residents will be very sorry to hear that Woodbridge ex-Mayor and long time LibDem Town Councillor, Neil Montgomery, died at home in Woodbridge last week aged 89.

Some of my own fondest memories of early campaigning was going out with Neil on “his patch” – just him, me, and his very cheerful boxer, Finsbury.

Neil was extremely community-minded right to the end of his life,and concerned about the needs of others.  His need to help ran through his many interests, from local rugby to sailing, to establishing local amenities, to the Woodbridge Society. An ardent internationalist, he was concerned to the last as to the local impact of leaving Europe.

Additionally, in his later years, he was also a volunteer guide at Sutton Hoo (see picture).

As well as being devoted to the the ancient heritage of Woodbridge, Neil kick-started some of the new.  Although many people do not know it, he was the originator of the plan for the popular Woodbridge skatepark – still much used today (lockdown permitting).

He will be greatly missed.

We extend all our sympathy to his wife, Jane

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