Safer Roads? Safer Highway Code

Crossing Woods Lane via the A12 cyclepath is difficult but safer than cycling on the A12

Safer roads for cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders?

You bet!
If you’re worried about the increasing danger of accessing our country roads, please please do respond to the proposed changes to The Highway Code to improve safety for vulnerable road users -particularly cyclists, pedestrians & horse riders
The main alterations proposed are to:
  • introduce a hierarchy of road users which ensures that those road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others
  • clarify existing rules on pedestrian priority on pavements, to advise that drivers and riders should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road,
  • provide guidance on cyclist priority at junctions to advise drivers to give priority to cyclists at junctions when travelling straight ahead
  • establish guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking cyclists and horse riders
Don’t delay. Respond today. We have nothing to lose but an overwhelming sense of danger on many country roads.

One thought on “Safer Roads? Safer Highway Code”

  1. Caroline,

    When have us cyclists been consulted and listened to when proposals are made?

    The Highway Code as it is already says that vulnerable road users should be treated like a medium sized car. So when overtaking us, we should be given a car’s width plus a car doors width. The only people in cars who do that are fellow cyclists and friends of cyclists. So any changes to the Highway Code won’t make any difference.

    As for those ‘cycle wands’ they’ve put around Ipswich, I guess as SCC got some money and every transport portfolio holder treats Ipswich as their toy train set, it was going to happen.

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