News from the County Councillor: July 2020

COVID-19 Update

Latest Government advice is available here: 

Latest SCC information is available here:

Suffolk Local Outbreak Control Plan published   Suffolk County Council has published a Local Outbreak Control Plan which sets out how Suffolk would prevent and respond to a localised outbreak of COVID-19 should one occur. A copy of the full plan and an executive summary can be viewed here:

Suffolk has received £2.79m from the Government to support the delivery of the plan. The plan focuses on:

  • Preventing and managing outbreaks in ‘complex settings and groups’ e.g. care homes, schools, health settings, workplaces, public spaces, BAME communities and those that are shielded;
  • Strategic and coordinated approach to COVID-19 testing in Suffolk, with a focus on care home testing, hospital testing, lab capacity and workforce for swabbing;
  • Suffolk COVID-19 Data Centre, which will continue to monitor the local situation;
  • Providing clear guidance on NHS Test and Trace and what to do in the event of a local outbreak.

Suffolk’s concessionary travel pass rules now reintroduced on public transport   Concessionary travel rules, which had been relaxed during lockdown, were reintroduced from July 6. As from Monday 6 July, concessionary bus passes in Suffolk are only valid Monday to Fridays 9:30am to 9pm, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. (‘9pm’ is a joke considering the time of the last buses to Woodbridge and beyond which leave Ipswich before 6pm)

The council says this is necessary to support social distancing on peak bus services, as more people return to work and school. I travelled from Ipswich to Woodbridge on Saturday 11th July and noticed that a maximum 12 passengers are allowed on a regular single decker bus.

All passengers are now required to wear a face covering on public transport.

Sizewell C: Planning Inspectorate accepts plans for Sizewell C; Suffolk County Council votes down motion opposing it   On 24 June, the Planning Inspectorate agreed that EDF Energy’s DCO application for Sizewell C could proceed to the examination stage.

The formal pre-examination stage of the process (Section 56 Notification Stage) began on 8 July running to 30 September. If you wish to be involved in the examination process, you need to register on the Planning Inspectorate website to become an ‘Interested Party’ and provide a written summary of your views on the DCO application.

All registered Interested Parties will be kept informed of progress and about opportunities to participate in the next examination stage.

More information about the application and how to register as an Interested Party is available here:

The LDGI Stop Sizewellc speakers: Cllrs Caroline Page, David Wood (Proposer), Andrew Stringer (Seconder, replacing Elfrede Brambley Crawshaw), Penny Otton, Robert Lindsey, Inga Lockington Note their names & faces.Together with
they made a stand for our future

Both Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council have raised concerns about the adequacy of EDF’s consultations so far, particularly with regards to the level and quality of information that has been made available throughout the consultation exercises.

On 9 July, my LibDem Green and Independent Group proposed a motion to Suffolk County Council asking the Council to oppose the development of Sizewell C. Astonishingly and sadly, both the Suffolk County Conservative and Suffolk County Labour councillors joined forces to vote this motion down: 50- 12 (with 4 abstentions). You will find details on my blog:

If you are interested in watching the full debate, the Council meeting is available to watch on Suffolk County Council’s YouTube channel

County Cabinet approves 5-year cycling plan for Suffolk   On 16 June the Cabinet approved a 5-year cycling plan for Suffolk, which identified 148 potential routes to be prioritised. This is as a result of a motion proposed by my group in July 2018, which called on the council to produce a strategic costed 5-year cycling plan.

Funding has not been secured for these routes, but county maintains the cycling plan will provide a strong basis to bid for funding as and when it becomes available.

The 148 routes identified by the plan are intended to be starting point, rather than a fixed programme of works. The Cabinet’s approval of the plan means that discussions can begin with district and borough councils on developing the five-year-plan further. I know that Woodbridge/Martlesham has known routes in the area it would like to see improved or created via the 20mph calming scheme, and I am feeding this into the process.

Road closures to support cycling and walkingAs part of the Covid-19 recovery and to support social distancing, the Department for Transport has told local authorities that they are    expected to make significant changes to road layouts to support cycling and walking, with all measures implemented within the coming weeks. The Government has also asked that evaluation is included in the emergency interventions put in place so that authorities can make temporary measures permanent where possible, enabling a long-term shift to active travel.

Suffolk County Council plans include closing off sections of roads to motorised vehicles, widening existing footpaths and cycle lanes, providing temporary footpaths and cycle lanes and changing traffic signal timings to reduce waiting times at puffin and toucan crossings. The Council has been allocated £337k from the Department of Transport, with the potential for further funding if the measures they put in place are successful.

Details about the various schemes are available here:

Alert: No spare seats will be offered on Home-to-School buses County Council normally allows families who are ineligible for free school transport to purchase a spare seat on the council’s school buses should there be space. However, due to social distancing requirements, school buses will only be able to transport a smaller group of children. The council have therefore stated that they are not in a position to be able to offer spare seats for September.

All affected families will be emailed directly to inform them of this change. If changes are made to social distancing rules, the council will review the guidance to see if they can safely offer spare seats.

Individual family circumstances will be considered under the usual review and appeal procedures, and we are told the council will use its discretionary power to offer transport arrangements where it is clear that this is absolutely essential to enable a non-eligible child to attend school. The usual cost of a spare seat will apply where a discretionary seat can be provided exceptionally.

Any parents who are concerned by this change can call 0345 606 6173.

Woodbridge Resident Ashley Meyer and County Councillor
Caroline Page are deeply concerned about the threatened closure of Woodbridge’s Caterpillar Children’s centre

will also be available on

Children’s Centres Report delayed again The controversial and long-awaited report on the fate of Suffolk’s Children’s centres was due to be discussed in Cabinet on 14 July. Astonishingly, this 522pp report was withdrawn literally at the start of the meeting and will now be discussed in the August cabinet

To remind you, Woodbridge Caterpillar centre was to be closed because, according to the (pulled) report there were ample other venues in Woodbridge. The Caterpillar will remain open, as planned, to the end of its lease (2022), however no venues in Woodbridge had been identified beyond the GP surgery and the Library.

Suffolk County Council prevents likely FGM deportation I asked the following question about FGM  at last full council (9th July 2020).

I’m sure you will join me and all councillors in congratulating our social work team and the lawyers in their last-minute success in preventing the home secretary ,Priti Patel, from having an 11year girl deported , with the extreme risk of being subject to Female Genital Mutilation in her home country. FGM is illegal in this country. Please can you tell us what processes the council has in place to make sure any girl in Suffolk threatened with FGM will be protected.”

Although the answer was reassuring, the understanding of the chasm between the immigration courts (who consider children merely as dependents) and the family courts (who look at the human rights of the child) is disturbing.

ASB meeting I attended this on Thursday 16th, and brought two particular concerns to the meeting. One was the vandalism occurring in local parks, and the other was the concerns about dog theft and the anxieties of local residents.

Both of these were mirrored by surrounding parishes.

However, there was also the concern that anxieties were being amplified and increased by the ‘chinese whisper’ effect of unmoderated social media platforms such as NextDoor. For example, one parish representative pointed out that a description circulating of a particular van and two men, matched exactly the profile of a local gardening team who would naturally be visiting a number of properties. Similarly the police pointed out that chalk marks on the pavement ( which were being described as thieves marks) could as easily be marks used by utilities companies.

The general consensus was, while it is wise to take sensible precautions – as ever – it would be unfortunate if older or vulnerable residents become became worried by problems which had been amplified by social media.

Jetty Lane is delighted to announce it has been fortunate to have been gifted two classrooms by Eric Reynolds owner of the Woodbridge Boatyard. These generous gifts – until recently part of Trinity Wharf – were put in place last week as a temporary solution to Woodbridge unmet needs. All permissions are, or have been applied for, but it had to be a fast operation.

You can see a charming short showing the cabins’ installation, speeded up and set to music on the Jetty Lane YouTube channel ).

These ‘Activity Spaces’ will be cleaned and made ready to meet Woodbridge’s unmet needs – in a covid-compliant fashion – as soon as possible.








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