LibDems Greens and Independents slam the timing of ‘undemocratic’ Sizewell C consultation

Suffolk Liberal Democrat, Green and Independent group Press Release

For immediate release: Wednesday 28 May 2020

LibDems Greens and Independents slam the timing of ‘undemocratic’ Sizewell C consultation

Suffolk LibDems Greens and Independents strongly criticise the timing of EDF’s application for a Development Consent Order to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell.

Cllr Penny Otton, Leader of the Liberal Democrat, Green and Independent Group, said:

“We are adamant that no consultation can take place whilst the council and the public are still under strict coronavirus rules.

It must not be used as an excuse for EDF to try to sideline the democratic process .

We fully support the statement by the leaders of Suffolk and Norfolk county council in calling for the government to delay the process. The council and the public must feel that they have the most transparent and inclusive opportunities to be able to comment on this application – which will have a devastating and very long-lasting effect to a large swathe of East Suffolk.

As a group we will continue to fiercely oppose the building of Sizewell C . We strongly believe it would be a disaster for the local area, and have a lasting and adverse  impact on the surrounding Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on Suffolk businesses and the Suffolk tourism sector”.



One thought on “LibDems Greens and Independents slam the timing of ‘undemocratic’ Sizewell C consultation”

  1. It is an outrage that the EDF plan could be considered without full scrutiny by everyone affected. It would be a bad choice on so many grounds.
    It is destructive to the planet. Rising sea levels already threaten the current reactors. Damaging to our eco systems, the spoiling of ancient Woodlands and the habitat of endangered wildlife. The poisonous waste theat we still cannot handle safely. The lost of our countryside beauty. We do this with blatant disregard for our future and that of generations to follow.

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