Dominic Cummings and Staying Home


26 May 2020

Dear Dr Coffey,

I wish to express my concern at the clear rift that is emerging between our government’s guidance on lockdown – especially as it gradually eases – and the strangely defensive attitude that senior members of the government are very publicly taking to Mr Dominic Cummings’ breach of this same guidance.
Surely, in a case of pandemic and lockdown, we really are “all in this together”.
As a shielded carer, I have not been able to see my significantly disabled daughter for eight whole weeks. (Since then I have seen her briefly, while masked). My anxiety has been extreme.
My husband, whose mother is in a care home suffering from vascular dementia, has had the triple whammy of only being able to contact her by phone for the whole of the same two months, knowing that she is lonely because his multiple daily calls do not register with her, and fearing for her safety within the home. His anxiety has also been extreme.
However we have both obeyed the governmental rules created (in part) by Mr Cummings because we believe in a common good and are prepared to play our part.
We are one family amongst thousands that you represent. There must be thousands of similar stories in Suffolk Coastal.
Mr Cummings’ behaviour and excuses – but more particularly, the clear desire of many in the government to believe and excuse him, diminishes the sacrifices of us all.
I feel that his attitude makes a mockery of the massive effort that this pandemic requires from the people of Britain. Please could you tell me whether we really are “all in this together,” or whether there are exceptions?
Caroline Page

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