Woodbridge: Covid19 Support

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, please stay at home, and protect yourself, your community and the NHS. It’s a no brainer.

In Woodbridge, the Emergency Response Group  01394 383599 or email emergency@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk  – as well as many local businesses  -can support you to stay at home.

You can ring the WERG number for assistance, or to volunteer.

Woodbridge Emergency Volunteer vest

Please note,  the Woodbridge Emergency Response Group are volunteers, they do not charge for their help,  and they generally can be recognised by these vests

Unfortunately, while a crisis can bring out the best in most people, it does bring a few snakes out of the long grass.

Suffolk Trading Standards is warning you to beware of these coronavirus scams below. (In addition, whether you are a person or a busines,  take no notice of  texts  or phone calls directly offering you government or NHS money. These are scams too.)


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