Why not give CARERS a (Tax) Break, Boris!

Another Carers Week. Another pretence we care for CarersToday marks the start of National Carers’ Week.  Cynically,  this the one week of the year when non-carers remember that unpaid family Carers exist and make encouraging noises.  Yet 96% of UK care is provided in the community by unpaid carers. 96%!!!! 1 of every 2 women in their 50s is an unpaid family carer, with all the impact this has on pay, career and occupational pension. Flip a coin, is it you or me? (Men do not achieve this statistic until age 74. *) Coincidentally, this week aspirant PM Boris Johnson has promised an extra £120pw for those earning £80k. As a tax break. Or bribe. Continue reading Why not give CARERS a (Tax) Break, Boris!

What’s been happening, May to June 2019

Concerns about Kier – Suffolk’s Highways Maintenance Contractor    After Kier shares tumbled 41% last week concerns have been raised about the longterm viability of Suffolk’s outsourced Highways Maintenance department, whose share  value is now down 85% over the last year.

As you may remember, the Council’s Conservative administration outsourced its entire roads maintenance team to Kier in a five year contract back in 2013, maintaining, despite opposition concerns ,that the private sector could do the same work more efficiently for less money. Despite significant continuing problems with the contract, they renewed it early, in 2015, for another five years. Continue reading What’s been happening, May to June 2019