Woodbridge District and Town election results May 2019

For all those who are interested, here are full results  for both the District and Town elections in Woodbridge, May 2019:A – East Suffolk District Council Woodbridge district (2 seats)

Elected: Kay Yule (LibDem) 1555 votes &  Chris Mapey (Conservative) 1070 votes.
Unelected: Veteran Suffolk Coastal District councillor (and SCDC deputy leader) Geoff Holdcroft (Conservative) and first time candidate Sharon Miller (Labour) who polled 1036 and 1035 votes respectively.  Turnout: 43.7%

In other news of interest to Woodbridge residents (and local LibDems), LibDem Edward Thompson beat ex-Woodbridge district councillor, Patti Mulcahy (Conservative) for a district seat in nearby Martlesham & Purdis Farm.

B- Woodbridge Town Council – 16 seats in toto

(i) Kyson ward (4 seats):
Sitting candidates Patrick Gillard (LibDem), Eamonn O’Nolan (Green) and Sue Bale (Labour) were re-elected unopposed. The Conservatives did not field a candidate so there is 1 vacant seat.
(ii) Farlingaye ward (4 seats):
Elected: Ski Evans (LibDem) 283, Martin Wilks (Green) 292, Sheena Rawlings (Independent) 260, Sharon Miller (Labour) 214.
Unelected: Michael Dale (Conservative) 197, Stephen Attwell (Conservative) 209. Turnout 39.3%
(iii) Seckford Ward (4 seats):
Elected: John Jewers – aged 24 (LibDem) 458 votes (this was the highest individual vote); Aiden Semmens (Green) 381, Caroline Blois (Con) 337, Chris Mapey (Con) 327.
Unelected: Mike Sutton (Labour) 302, Robin Sanders (Con) 244.  Turnout 48.2%
(iv) Riverside Ward (4 seats): Sarah Thompson (LibDem standing only because of the unacceptable behaviour shown to her by members of the past council during public questions) 445 votes (second highest individual vote); Mags Walsh (Green) 388; Geoff Holdcroft (Con) 306; Martin Sylvester (Con) 286.
Unelected: Valerie Cahill (Labour) 263; Clare Perkins (Con) 181.  Turnout 53.1%

Summary: A longterm  Conservative majority has been overturned, to be replaced with a  Rainbow administration: 4x Libdems, 4x Greens, 2x Labour, 4x Conservatives, 1 Independent and 1 vacancy.

Hearty congratulations to all!

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