Woodbridge Thoroughfare: have your say!

Members of Thoroughfare Working Group by the current impossibly complicated sign:
L to R: Jill Barratt (Choose Woodbridge, retailer); Rick Chapman (Choose Woodbridge, retailer, resident); Graeme Hawkes (SNT); Maggie Chapman (Choose Woodbridge, retailer, resident); Emma Greenhouse (disabled resident); Caroline Page (County Councillor); Julian Royle (resident); Geoff Holdcroft (Town & District Councillor). Absent: Eamonn O’Nolan (Town Councillor), Tony Buckingham (SCC Highways).

Join the Community Consultation to make Woodbridge Thoroughfare better!

Interested in helping decide how best to improve the Thoroughfare? Come to Woodbridge Library, 25th September to 1 October, and help define the best way forward.

We all know that the Thoroughfare – Woodbridge’s vibrant retail heart – has had increasing problems with traffic and parking in recent years. Residents, visitors, shoppers and traders have all expressed concern.

We also know why.

The underlying problem is that both access and parking is governed by a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) that’s decades out of date and no longer fit for purpose.  It no longer reflects the needs and usage of people in the Thoroughfare.

So that’s the problem. But how to solve it? Everyone has different needs, concerns and priorities. As a result, the issue has been going round in circles for years. To break this deadlock I brought together a group that represented all major players – clearly the only way to find a workable solution to these problems was by working together. We don’t want to disadvantage anybody.

And after ten months discussion, research  and evidence-taking, we have managed to come up with three workable options.

All the ideas are based around a simple, easy-to-understand sign which is what the current TRO doesn’t allow for – but there are three different versions. We’ll be showing these options, explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each – and asking for you to help us decide.”

The Woodbridge Thoroughfare Working group is  cross-party, and involves Woodbridge councillors at county, district and town level, as well as local police, traders, residents and representatives from Suffolk County Council’s Highway team.

If you are not able to attend at the library you will be able to see and comment on the consultation documents online , in this blog from 25 September.

Woodbridge Thoroughfare Community Consultation:  Woodbridge Library, 25th September to 1 October 2017 (and online at this blog)

8 thoughts on “Woodbridge Thoroughfare: have your say!”

  1. However, the Thoroughfare is also residential. Residents who live in the Thoroughfare have rights of way to their houses that may be literally hundreds of years old. Come to the COnsultation next week and find out about it!

  2. Is there any information online about this, please? I live near Woodbridge and am interested but I’d like to know more? Not sure I can get to the library – even photos of the information would be helpful – thank you.

  3. It will not matter which sign you choose if measures are not taken to adequately ‘police’ any restrictions placed upon traffic using the Thoroughfare. Currently it seems to be a free for all as no one is challenged for parking in areas which are not designated parking bays and quite often vehicles park directly under No Parking signs, on the pavement, blocking pedestrians from the safe use of same whilst they pop into a shop rather than using a car park. Inappropriate speed is also an issue, certainly after 4pm, often with a lack of regard to pedestrians who may be very young, very old, and, hard of hearing.

  4. Yes it will matter which sign is chosen. Which is why these proposals are being made. (It seems to me you need to fully read what is being proposed?)
    The sign IS what the new TRO will say.
    a) SO, yes of course it matters what sign we use because the sign actually states what the law is about the Thoroughfare. If nobody understands the sign/law of course they will find it hard to follow and even to enforce. (The police in the TWG confirmed even they found the current one impossible to understand).
    b) Everyone agrees that the police are currently having difficulty enforcing the current regulations. This is partly because the regulations are 25 years out of date, partly because the police are short staffed. However, review the briefing and you would read about the decriminalisation of parking (also mentioned in my blog on the Parking Law page). The combination of i) splitting police reponsibilities, so they only have to enforce speed and access (leaving SCDC to come down hard on the parking) and ii) simplifying the signage, will hopefully have the desired effect – as will iii)the publicity this consultation is giving to the situation.
    Of course if people don’t want to contribute, they can just say ‘well it won’t make any difference’. If enough people do that, possibly we can keep the sign and TRO as it is – if that is what people want. But, my goodness, everyone will have a horrible shock when parking is decriminalised in 18 months time, because the current sign has never been properly enforced, and some of its provisions are draconian. WHy dont you come down to the Library thisweek and talk it over?

  5. I’d love to see the Thoroughfare reverse the 1-way route, so entry becomes via The Cross entrance. I’d also like to see Cumberland St become 1-way, also entered from The Cross entrance. Cumberland Street could then implement residents on-street parking, freeing up the car-park spaces those residents currently use (and bringing in more income to the council) for visitors. This would also immediately stop Cumberland Street & The Thoroughfare from being the rat-runs they currently are, forcing traffic to use the main road(s).

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