The tiny cost of RemaINing -and what we get for it!


We pay 9p a day for peace in our time? A total bargain! I pay Suffolk police 67p per day from my Council Tax -and we don’t even see them sort the parking in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare!

Look at the figures above and it seems a no-brainer. But there has been far too much silly, negative mudslinging by prominent politicians on both sides of the EU Referendum debate recently and people have been so bombarded with disinformation they can no longer think straight..

(An honourable exception has to be made for some local hustings. At UCS, for example,  local politicians Kathy Pollard and Sandy Martin made a calm,reasoned, locally relevant  and deeply sensible case for IN against some remarkable grandstanding from UKIP MP Douglas  Carswell,  bussed in from Thurrock to argue for Brexit. It seems they couldn’t find anyone local to speak in that corner. Go figure)

If you want to discuss local and national issues reasonably, there will be a Lib Dem RemaIN stall in the Thoroughfare from 2pm today,  Saturday 10 June.

Maybe we’ll see you?


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