Changes to 64 and 65 bus services from Woodbridge

After more than two years of stability, major changes have been made to our local bus service with effect from Tuesday 1st September. First Norfolk & Suffolk has made major changes to service 64 and 65, as follows:-

  • Service 64 will operate Aldeburgh – Leiston – Saxmundham – Wickham Market – Melton (via Melton Road) – Woodbridge – Kesgrave (via Main Road) – Ipswich, much as now, but only every two hours rather than the current hourly frequency;
  • Service 65 will operate Aldeburgh – Leiston – Snape – Rendlesham – Melton (via Melton Road rather than Bredfield Road) – Woodbridge – Kesgrave (via Main Road) – Ipswich, but omitting Martlesham Heath Tesco, and only every two hours rather than the current hourly frequency;
  • A new Service 63 will operate Melton Chapel – Bredfield Road – Woodbridge – Martlesham Heath Tesco – Kesgrave (alternately via Fentons Way or Edmonton Close) – Ipswich, running every hour. Off-peak services will run a one-way loop between Woodbridge and Melton, running via Melton Road, Wilford Bridge Road, Station Road, The Street, Woods Lane, Bredfield Road and Pytches Road. First have yet to confirm that passengers will be able to travel from Ipswich/Woodbridge to Bredfield Road without paying any additional fare.
  • Currently the evening and Sunday service 65B, sponsored by Suffolk County Council, remain unchanged.
  • Morning peak journeys into Ipswich will change – with one less bus.

First is also taking over the Suffolk County Council contract for service 30 from Beestons and renumbering it as service 70

3 thoughts on “Changes to 64 and 65 bus services from Woodbridge”

  1. Good morning, we are new to the area, we moved to Melton Park on 1st December.
    We were taking our two young grandchildren on Saturday to Woodbridge by bus as they were excited to travel this way.
    We waited at the bus stop opposite the entrance to Melton Park,and checked that a bus would indeed arrive it said 6mins,so with two excited girls of 6&7 we waited in the bitterly cold weather it did indeed arrive but didn’t stop and went sailing by. We did hail it to stop? Were we at the wrong bus stop? Or did he not see us! As you can imagine the girls were not only disappointed but freezing cold by now,so we had no option but to trundle home and miss out on a trip and stay at home……….

    1. Dear Jacqueline, How vexing! I’m afraid Melton Park is outside my division so I am not certain about the bus stop in question. But I’m pretty sure it should have stopped. Is there a number on the bus stop? Texting that should tell you the numbers/times of the buses that stop there. If the bus did miss you out you need to complain to the bus company (First) to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

  2. Meeting my aunt off Aldeburgh bus . Hoping to connect with 65 to Tesco . 65 came in and went 5 min. before 64 came in so no go , this service is awful now , a lot of us do not drive 😡

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