Martlesham Creek footpath survey

Regular walkers are delighted that the footpath round Martlesham Creek is once more up and running after a long time out of action. For the last couple of months we walkers have been able to enjoy the views  again. Its a lovely walk.

The river wall, and the footpath that runs along it, were damaged in the December 2013 storm surge.  The landowners have repaired the river wall, which now incorporates two lower sections, which are designed to allow water to overtop in extreme tides in a controlled way so as not to damage the walls.  The water will then drain back into the river at low tide through sluices. This will hopefully prevent such a breach occurring again.

I walked back last night after giving my monthly report at Martlesham Parish Council, and the midsummer evening highlighted clearly the four different surfaces they are trialling here. In addition to Crushed Concrete and Hoggin, the AONB are trialling two novel surfaces, Tenax and Ankalok, on the low sections. They are interested  to hear how the public think these new surfaces perform alongside the two surfaces that are most usually used via this survey.

If you use the footpath, do fill in the survey and and give your views. I did.

(I also lost a lovely pair of hornrimmed specs walking between Martlesham Parishe Hall -and Woodbridge. I walked along Dr Brittans path, across the fields to Old Martlesham church, round the churchyard and down to Martlesham Creek,  around the creek path and up into Woodbridge via Kyson Point, Broomheath and California. If anyone picks them up… )

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