Woodbridge Ticket Machine. Not working. Again

This machine is currently out of service. Abiello Greater Angliaa apologise for any inconvenience this may cause
This machine is currently out of service. Abiello Greater Anglia apologise for any inconvenience this may cause


This machine is currently out of service.  Abellio Greater Anglia apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

I’m sure we all remember SCDC’s controversial closure of Woodbridge’s Tourist Information Centre last year. At the time, we Woodbridge residents were all assured that the new ticket machine at the station would be just as effective as the friendly and helpful staff who had been such an integral part of the Tourist Information Centre by Woodbridge  station.


I have just had to make a 15mile round trip in the  pouring rain to collect tickets from Ipswich because the machine is ‘currently out of service’. This is the second time in 4 days.  Like many of my constituents I have limited transport choices, and am currently suffering from extreme mobility problems.

Some bright spark has just pointed out we could buy tickets on the trains. Why gosh, so we could. Buying my tickets on the train might meaan that travelling to the funeral I am attending next week would cost  a little over £130, instead of the £25 return my prebooked tickets sitting in Woodbridge’s non-working ticket machine might cost, but hey – what is that? a mere bagatelle!


Taking the TIC away, and further limiting our choices  by having a non-working  machine has really not benefited all those who most needed it.  Can I give a special thank you to the   SCDC councillors of Woodbridge who made this decision on our behalf. We do remember who they are.


Incidentally,  readers, are you as irritated as I am by  the formulaic mantra  whereby a company will ” apologise for any inconvenience this may cause“? What on earth do they mean by  “any inconvenience”?  Are they suggesting that some people will come along to buy a ticket from this non-operational machine and find themselves in any sense convenienced by its lack of action?

Abellio Greater Anglia – if the ticket machine doesn’t work , aren’t you – in your heart of hearts – expecting it  to cause inconvenience to each and every passenger (I unapologetically use the old-fashioned term) who wants to buy a ticket? So, go on -why not apologise unreservedly  to all of us?

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  1. Following the recent article in Focus on the ticket machine at Woodbridge, such a failure happened to me in the summer when I was putting an American visitor on the train. I bought the ticket and tried to collect it the night before (so luckily had time to plan contingencies). On being greeted by the ‘Out of Order’ notice, we went home and printed off the code, photocopied my credit card and told my friend NOT to give in to any bullying by ticket inspectors as it was all fully paid for – and if all else failed – cry! (what most of us feel like doing much of the time when tangling with anonymous ‘authority’!) She’s quite timid but obeyed my instructions and it worked fine without any need for advanced drama. Nevertheless it was embarrassing and nerve-racking + all their fault! It would be a moral disgrace if anybody was fined or made to pay twice. I wonder why it isn’t possible to print off the ticket at home as one can do with plane tickets etc. If one needs the ticket with the magnetic strip then surely it could be produced by the ticket inspector on the train.

  2. And here we are two years ” down the line” and I have just attempted to buy tickets for a trip to Norwich, for the beer festival. Having been caught out by the unreliability of the Woodbridge machine I thought I’d pop into Felixstowe station last Friday as we were going that way; machine out of service. Never mind I thought we’re going to Waitrose at Sax, I’ll nip up to the station and get it there; machine out of service. On Sunday I walked into Woodbridge to use the library and without to much hope in my heart went via the station; machine out of service. In the end I had to drive into Ipswich to actually get the tickets for use on Thursday. For what it’s worth I have never seen the Woodbridge machine up and running!

    1. I have seen the Woodbridge ticket machine working – but only rarely. Certainly not when I took a picture of it last week. The idea that it would ever be a substitute for Woodbridge’s useful and helpful tourist info centre – the closure of which was supported by only a couple of local town and district councillors (see details) and which is now run as a flower shop – is laughable. Might it be that Abellio Greater Anglia – now rebranded Abellio East Anglia – are less concerned now they have their new franchise?

  3. 21st June 2017. Out of order again. Can’t say when it will be operational. Awaiting a part. Advised to use machine at the next avaiable station, but won’t have time before boarding the London train. Considering a 20 mile round trip drive to Ipswich to collect my ticket. Awful service.

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