Woodbridge Sunday Bus Service returns


From the 20th July Woodbridge will resume a Sunday/Bank Holiday bus service, allowing car-free travel between Woodbridge and Ipswich.  Suffolk County Council is sponsoring  3 return services a day between Woodbridge and Ipswich.

To kickstart the service, everyone can travel FREE on 20 and 27th July.

I’ve lobbied to get a Sunday bus back ever since the last service was cut (at a perfectly disgraceful 2 weeks notice) in February 2011. The Sunday 65b will allow car free journeys to visit hospital and help young people get out on their own. It will be a boon for all people who can’t- or can’t afford to – drive. And its obviously a big boost for tourism. Good news all round!

The 65b Sunday service is only guaranteed until the end of 2014 – after that, it depends on numbers – so it’s a case of use it or lose it!

65 b Sunday Bus Service     Key Stops

Woodbridge Turban Centre 10.35 14.20 17.20
Woodbridge Pembroke Avenue 10.40 14.25 17.25
Martlesham Black Tiles 10.47 14.32 17.32
Ipswich Hospital (adj) 10.57 14.42 17.42
Ipswich Tower Ramparts 11.09 14.54 17.54

Ipswich Old Cattle Market (Stand B) 10.00 13.45 16.45
Ipswich Hospital (nr) 10.11 13.56 16.56
Martlesham Black Tiles 10.21 14.06 17.06
Woodbridge Pembroke Avenue 10.27 14.12 17.12
Woodbridge Turban Centre 10.32 14.17 17.17

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