Sandy Lane hole: update

Luckily the Sandy Lane sinkhole did not open up when the Tour of Britain travelled down Sandy Lane in 2012. That could have put paid to leader Wiggo's chances
Very luckily the Sandy Lane sinkhole didn’t open up when the Tour of Britain travelled down Sandy Lane in 2012. That could have put paid to leader Wiggo’s chances

A large deep hole of unknown provenance opened up at the junction of Sandy Lane and Ipswich Road a few weeks back . Although safety barriers were put up by someone, it is not clear who put them up, and so no remedial work was undertaken – this is because the presence of the barriers caused everyone to  believe that someone else was responsible and was already in the process of taking action to fix it.

It wasn’t until last week, when I asked the county Highways department to chase up the people responsible, that we discovered the mystery. At which point  SCC agreed to‘take the hit’ and do the repair themselves although I have asked them to continue tracking down the company responsible and reclaim the  money back if appropriate.  (It is, of course, perfectly possible that the barriers were put up by some public-spirited person who is as yet nameless, and that the hole is actually a sink hole.)

However, after the last few days of heavy rains the hole is clearly very much worse (1m across and 1m deep) constituting  an significant danger to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike.  It will need a lot of packing as well as resurfacing.  I am very worried indeed and asked yesterday morning for a repair on a 24h turnaround. Unfortunately under the new  ‘contracted out’ system such a thing is no longer possible.

The East Area Highway Manager told me today (Friday) “My highway inspector for Woodbridge has checked this site this morning. The hole is currently barriered and advance signing is in place. We had tried to arrange a repair today. However as it is on the junction, 3 way lights will be required in order to manage the traffic  safely past the working area. Our contractors advise that they will not be able to obtain these until Tuesday next week, and so the work will be carried out then.

In the meantime I am arranging for the site to be inspected during  the weekend to ensure that barriers and signing are in place and that there has been no further undermining of the road”.

I have also been told that someone will come on Tuesday to check that the repair is being undertaken.

I am also trying to arrange some sort of sign equivalent to a ‘Police Aware’ sign so that passers-by realise that something is actually about to be done.

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