Tidal surge tonight: keep safe!

Looks like the Suffolk Coast may be in for a hammering tonight, with the Environment Agency predicting the strongest tidal surge in 60 years.

Already there are Severe Flood Warnings for various areas including properties on the tidal Deben estuary; none currently  for Woodbridge. (This was at 9.57am. The situation may change)

However a Major Incident has been announced – so stay aware.

  • The Environment Agency Flood Warning link  identifes trouble spots. It  is  updated every time there is a change to predicted circumstances.
  • When flooding is likely, the Environment Agency issues flood alerts and warnings through the media –  broadcast on TV and local radio. You can register with the Environment Agency to receive free floods warnings by phone, text or e-mail. You can also get advice and information via Floodline on 0845 9881188
  • Suffolk Police Emergency Helpline: 0845 603 2814
  • If there is any risk of danger to people, property or the environment as a result of flooding you should not hesitate to ring 999.
  • Further general information can be found on the Suffolk County Council Flood risk  webpage 

Keep an eye on warnings and keep safe!