Vanished content! apology

Two blog posts I have made for October have mysteriously vanished from the blog. These are,

Not on our trains! Greater Anglia’s commitment to cycling?   which links to Greater Anglia’s draft Cycle strategy and  details Greater Anglia’s stated intentions to move from carrying cycles on Suffolk trains.  This has attracted a lot of attention from  cyclists who were not aware of Greater Anglia’s intentions.

What’s been happening in SCC: September 2013

I have no intention that any gremlin should prevent people from reaching information they need to know. I do not know whether these blog posts have gone for good – but in the meantime, you can reach reconstituted versions of the missing pages by clicking the titles above.

My apologies for this!

2 thoughts on “Vanished content! apology”

  1. As a more regular commuter on greater Anglia trains I generally find the staff friendly and helpful, but I couldn’t believe the announcement last night on the 1750 from Liverpool st as we reached Ipswich. First of all the scenario: the train was packed was usual, standing room down all the carriages and people doing their best to be considerate and supportive of oth passengers inthe overcrowded carriages, when the announcement came on the tannoy: would passengers from second class refrain from walking through first class compartment when leaving those train so as not to disturb our first class passengers! What a b…..y cheek!! The best thing Greater Anglia could do is REMOVE all first class carriages and replace with more seating and bike storage! We need to end this nonsense of under capacity first class carriages for those who pay, and stop the cattle truck experience of those poor supplicants who pay a high cost for an appalling experience in second class overcrowded carriages.

    1. An excellent point Elspeth. It is noticeable that when Greater Anglia talks about customer feedback it seems to listen with selective ears. In particular it don’t seem to want to recognise the feedback of all those customers with AND without bikes who point out that issues of overcrowding are second class issues only. Talk about being second class citizens!

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