County Councillor’s Surgery dates

For those who would rather talk to me face to face, rather than contact by phone or email (or rely on bumping into me in the Thoroughfare, or on a bus) I  hold a regular monthly surgery on the THIRD SATURDAY of every month.

This is held at Woodbridge Library, 10am – 12 noon

Dates for the rest of 2013 are:

  • 15 June 2013
  • 20 July 2013
    Please note: there will be no surgery in August 2013
  • 21 September 2013
  • 19 October 2013
  • 16 November 2013
  • 21 December 2013

So, if you have any problems, comments or questions, please pop in and I’ll do my best to help

Just 42 – We’ve raised nearly £2500!

DSCF8771 (577x1024)
Just42’s Fundraiser Julia Hancock takes a sneaky opportunity to advertise our walk at Snape Maltings


Suffolk 5 Day Challenge Walk

From 18-22 May,  I walked 100km – 145,000 steps – along the Suffolk Coast.  I walked with Just 42’s fundraiser Julia Hancock and Celine the dog, to raise funds to support young people in Woodbridge and the surrounding rural areas. Thanks to a lot of very generous sponsors we’ve raised nearly £2500.

And you can hardly believe the sheer amount of good that Just 42 will be able to do with such a sum!

  • On day 1 Julia Hancock, Celine the Dog and I raised enough to support 20 kids with complex needs for 3 weeks worth of Just42’s Mimic club. (You can see pictures of where we walked here)
  • On day 2 we raised enough extra to also support 30 kids at one of Just 42’s rural youth clubs for 6 weeks! (You can see pictures of where we walked here)
  • Day 3 we raised enough funding to also keep one of Just 42’s mobile youth clubs running for FIVE weeks. (You can see pictures of where we walked here)
  • And on Day 4 – guess what? Enough money to ALSO run a holiday club for 100 youngsters for a week! (You can see pictures of where we walked here)
  • Day 5 has raised enough to train 5 mentors who will support 15 young people in crisis every year! (You can see pictures of where we walked here)

Yes, it’s amazing how far the money will stretch when you want to use it to best advantage.

You can help us help Just42 help the young people of Suffolk Coastal. There is still time to sponsor us.

Text us a tenner:    Text FTOL66 £10 to 70070

Or donate via Just Giving

A final thank-you to the organisers of the Suffolk Challenge walk – part of the Suffolk Walking festival for allowing us to thump our fund-raising drums as we walked, to Lesley Dolphin and the EADT for covering our fundraising, and our fellow walkers – so many of whom supported us so generously

Loss of more rural Suffolk bus services: 164, 165

More terrible news for the bus users of Suffolk. And especially those who cannot, cannot afford to, or are prevented by health and/or age considerations from driving a car.  I have just had confirmation that the very popular Anglian bus 164 and 165 routes are to finish on June 28.

The status posting  on their Facebook page says:

A decision has been made to cease the operation of services164 and 165 with effect from Friday 28th June 2013.
Both services have been operating at a significant loss, since Suffolk County Council withdrew the subsidy from the 165 in August 2012 and the losses are unsustainable.

‘ The 164 and 165 services are greatly loved and regularly used by many different Woodbridge people (including myself!). The loss of these services will have a dreadful impact on bus users all the way down Suffolk Coastal from Leiston to Woodbridge!

It will have an impact on travel to education, employment and training – and thus upon NEETS.

It will show up the Suffolk Conservative election pledge of a revived Youth Travel card as an exercise in lipservice. (What use is a youth travel card if there is no bus to travel on? )

It will continue the negative effect on tourism caused by our crackbrained system which sees would-be visitors to Suffolkk stymied by a double whammy of a rail company (Greater Anglia)  that only  performs engineering works at weekends and public holidays and a rural bus service that has stopped all services at these times. The Curious County? I rather think so!

I have been in contact with colleagues , constituents and Anglian Buses about this sad situation. Please continue contacting me about this. We must remember that the issue of rural transport is not a problem for  ‘other people’ – it affects us all