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With the County Council elections now just a week away, I have just sent this leaflet around Woodbridge (click on it to enlarge )


I’ve sent it because I’m hoping that you will vote for me on May 2nd.  I would  love to continue to work for you and give an effective voice to the people of Woodbridge.

I’ve lived in Woodbridge for over twenty years now:  I’ve sent my children to Woodbridge schools, and have relied on Woodbridge’s people for everything from shopping, to libraries, to health, to support, to friendship. The longer I have lived here, the more I have loved our town – and the people who make it what it is.  I have been proud to represent us on the County Council.

Since 2008 all my work as your County Councillor has been run on the simple basis of this question: “What do the people of Woodbridge want, and how can I best represent their views?”  With your permission and support I would like to continue this work in exactly the same way for another four years.

People will have already received a lot of information through their letter boxes about what I have done in the last few years and how I would like to continue this work in the future.  I  ran my last monthly surgery before the election in March but would be delighted – as ever – to hear any questions or suggestions by phone, or email – or even if you see me in the street! And canvassing is an excellent opportunity to talk to you on the doorstep.

Of course  when you are making the important decision about who to vote for, you shouldn’t just listen to what people  say – you need to look at what they have done.   You  can find my last leaflet here  and a lot more information as to what I have been doing  – in Woodbridge, and for Suffolk as a whole –  if you search, or follow the links on this blog.

It’s your town, it’s your vote, it’s your decision.

I’m asking you to trust me to respect all of these and put your vote to the best use by voting for me on May 2nd

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