Use your voice – don’t lose your voice: Register to vote!

The county council elections are in 5 weeks time,  on Thursday May 2.

If you like all the things I have done for Woodbridge I hope you’ll vote me in.

If you don’t, this is your chance to vote me out.

Either way  you need to be registered to vote – without a vote you have no voice!

In many ways local elections are far more important to your day-to-day life than national ones. Local elections give you a chance to have a say in the things that are literally closest to you: your roads, your schools, your transport, your care, your libraries, your environment. You’d be mad not to have your say.

Yet, hundreds of people in Suffolk could miss their chance to vote in local elections this May if they don’t take action now. The deadline to register and to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday 17 April and for a proxy vote, Wednesday 24 April.

Remember, its not just a case of being a newcomer to the area. Anyone who has moved house in the past few months needs to register with their new address. I’d also like to remind anyone turning 18 on or before 2 May to make sure they are registered, so that they can vote for the first time.

To register, Woodbridge residents should contact

Suffolk Coastal District Council Electoral Services Tel: 01394 444685

or print a registration form from



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