Signs of improvement? Woodbridge road schemes

It is with great relief I discover that at least four of the road schemes I have been working on over the last couple of years are all finally coming to fruition.These are,

  • new signage to prevent HGVs trying to get to the town centre via Angel Lane. The road isn’t wide enough and they have been ignoring the existing signs and doing regular damage to the Angel and the hairdressers opposite;
  • slowing traffic on Cemetery Lane – another simple scheme with 2 warning signs and 2 SLOW roadmarkings so that pedestrians can walk safely;
  • calming Sandy Lane. This is a simple signs and lines job with pedestrian and cyclist warning signs  at each end and at the railway bridge, and white edge markings throughout for pedestrians to walk behind. These would also give warning of the road edge at night which will be very useful, particularly to cyclists
  •  more cycle racks – removing the three at Cafe Nero (which are expensive to match) up to Shire Hall, and putting five new matching ones down at Cafe Nero.

All these jobs have been in the pipeline and planning stages  for ages – and I have agreed funding  from my Quality of Life budget (which has also funded flashing signs, other road signs and the refuge island on Ipswich Road).

But, because of recent constant reorganisation of the SCC Highways teams, with fewer and fewer personnel taking over more and more jobs, the deadlines have slipped  like old banana skins. Although I have been yapping and nipping at heels indefatigably  I was wondering whether  it was going to be possible to get these jobs done within this electoral cycle. Because if they didn’t there’s no guarantee that the money will be carried over to the next one.  Heartbreaking after all the work and effort.

SO here’s a huge sigh of relief and let’s hear it for the helpful engineers of the East Area who’ve responded with such goodwill to a horrible workload by working harder than before.

We’ll cheer again and even louder when the jobs are actually finished!

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