Take ACTION for epilepsy

Today is the first day of the Epilepsy Action ACTION campaign.

First aid for seizures  is  easy and yet 9 out of 10 people in the uk wouldn’t know what to do if they saw someone having a seizure. Worse,  almost a third of people would actually do something dangerous when encountering a seizure.

Watch Epilepsy Action’s new film and learn to take ACTION:

First aid for tonic-clonic seizures

The person goes stiff, loses consciousness, falls to the floor and begins to jerk or convulse. They may look a little blue around their mouth from irregular breathing. Tonic-clonic seizures can last a few minutes.

Remember ACTION for tonic-clonic seizures:

A Assess
Assess the situation – are they in danger of injuring themselves? Remove any nearby objects that could cause injury
C Cushion
Cushion their head (with a jumper, for example) to protect them from head injury
T Time
Check the time – if the seizure lasts longer than five minutes you should call an ambulance
I Identity
Look for a medical bracelet or ID card – it may give you information about the person’s seizures and what to do
O Over
Once the seizure is over, put them on their side (in the recovery position). Stay with them and reassure them as they come round
N Never
Never restrain the person, put something in their mouth or try to give them food or drink

Call an ambulance if:

  • You know it is a person’s first seizure
  • The seizure lasts for more than five minutes
  • One seizure appears to follow another without the person gaining consciousness in between
  • The person is injured
  • You believe the person needs urgent medical attention

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