Epilepsy – the Biter Bit!

Ok, now here is Irony.

It was only last Tuesday I was updating the Epilepsy in Suffolk page of this blog. I was waxing indignant about all those movers and shakers out there who can’t bring themselves to admit publicly to their epilepsy. Those who won’t act as role-models to others with the condition. Those, who by protecting what they see as their own ’employability’, damage the employment prospects of others with the same condition by helping build up public perceptions of what epilepsy might mean and can entail.

Disappointing, I called it.

And in my heart of hearts, cowardly.

How Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, the Fates, must have been rubbing their wrinkly old hands.


…the very next evening…

…having felt a little strange all day…

…I had my first-ever bona fide, all-the-trimmings, tonic-clonic seizure –  in the ketchup department of Tescos – and was blue-lighted off to Ipswich hospital, blood-boltered and incoherent.

That’ll teach me!

Now, I don’t know whether I am going to be lucky and one of the 1 in 20 who have a single seizure some time in their lives, or one of the less lucky 1 in 131 who have more complex epilepsy.

What I do know is that I was bright as a button and sharp as a needle before the seizure and am no different now. And let no-one dare suggest otherwise.

Stand up and be counted?

You bet!

One thought on “Epilepsy – the Biter Bit!”

  1. (stands)

    Here you are not “required” to admit you have a disability unless you require “accomodation”. However on the flip side, if you then have a seizure (for diagnosed epileptics) at work, you can be fired for lying on your job application.

    Many are also (ahem) “”protecting”” thier drivers licenses. Here you have to be seizure free for 1 year before you can get it back, and your neurologist is required by law to report seizures to to the DMV. The results mean that many people do not report all of thier seizures because they “need” thier car. This often causes problems because they are not on an appropriate dose of medication or other hiccup in thier care that would not exist if they were willing to give up thier license, maybe for several years, but they are not.

    Best wishes from across the pond!

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