Post-16 Explore card back in front of council – 26 May

Good  news:  we have got Suffolk County Council to accept the Save the Explore Card petition and agree to debate the Explore card cut again at their annual meeting starting at 2pm on 26 May at Endeavour House in Ipswich.

THIS IS A PUBLIC MEETING. Any member of the public can attend. This means YOU.

This news doesn’t mean the card has been saved but it does give us another chance to tell the council how badly this cut is affecting so many young people in Suffolk.  

When people stand up and make a fuss there is a much better chance of them listening.
If they listen, there is a chance they may vote to restore the card.

Shortly before the meeting,  the petition will be presented officially to the Suffolk County Cabinet members responsible.

• Can YOU be there too? The more people who are there in person, the more it will show what the impact has been

In the meantime, can you please email statements, saying simply how the cut is affecting you and your family. Basically it is harder for councillors to ignore a statement saying “I cannot do … (whatever) …. because of you cutting the Explore card.”  

If you give the name of the town you live in, we can pass on your comment to your own councillor, before they vote!”

There is a facebook link to this event:

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