You have to pay for the best?

Suffolk workers are not  highly paid   (last year 40%  of all workers in Suffolk were  paid less than £17,000 a year – and £17000 is over £8500 LESS than the national average wage.  A tenth of  Suffolk workers were paid £6000 or less) .

Modest salaries indeed – except when it comes to the eye-wateringly high  salaries dished out to the top execs at Suffolk County Council.  Just to remind you, the Chief Executive is paid £230.000 per annum, plus pension and expenses.  Suffolk County Council leader Jeremy Pembroke’s rationale: “The people who live in Suffolk need and deserve the very best.”

The more you pay, the better quality you get?

Yes of course Jeremy.  Wasn’t Fabio Capello  the best paid manager in this year’s  World Cup?

2 thoughts on “You have to pay for the best?”

  1. Presumably that’s why they’re paying £800 a day for a temporary Head of Communications. Her first job is to explain away her high salary!

  2. Her second job to explain why she is worth more to Suffolk County Council than the iconic Thorpeness windmill which has just ‘been declared surplus to the County Council’s requirements’. Currently on sale to anyone with a spare £150,000 in their pockets.

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