Woodbridge street lights: Warren Hill area

 I’ve been following up reports from from Woodbridge residents of continuing street light failure in the Warren Hill area. 

According to the Suffolk County Council officer in charge of  street lighting, it’s not good news – there won’t necessarily be a quick fix because the faults are due to mains problems which are the responsibility of EDF energy – and EF energy are currently overwhelmed by problems caused by this winter’s heavy snow. 

” The faults require the attendance of EDF who are struggling to find overhead linesmen for these works,” he tells me. “We have a batch of G39 repairs still awaiting a firm date from them (we are chasing them for an answer). 

” One fault is a recurring one – it was repaired in the batch of G39 works just before Christmas but has gone out again. Sounds like a new unit is required which sets off a round of discussions with the District Council on costs. 

” Another problem is that not all the faults in the area had been reported and it has only been as a result of one of my engineers carrying out a night time inspection that they have now been entered onto the system. We are reliant upon the public promptly calling faults in, together with the column ref. number, in order to keep on top of them.” 

I’ll keep you informed.

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