Sad News: Caroline Page

I am sorry to have to let you know that Caroline Page died last night of the lung cancer that she has fought for so long.  The NHS tried all it could for Caroline, but the chemo and immune therapy succeeded only temporarily.  She understood and faced her fate with great courage.

Our sympathies are with all her family, particularly with Patrick, Emma, Nell & Ben.

Caroline was an inspiration to us, dedicated to making a difference to many issues: Rural Transport, Cycling, River Pollution, Libraries, Women, Young People, Disability, Family Carers and Epilepsy Awareness.  Woodbridge and Suffolk have lost a significant advocate and campaigner.

John Field

Wonderful Suffolk Women #WomensHistoryMonth 2023

Too often, Suffolk sells its women short, listing the same handful over and over again, ignoring most. Don’t believe me? Check out Wikipedia’s listings of eminent Suffolk people. Women’s names are few and far between. 

Yet Suffolk has been home to many extraordinary women over the centuries.  Here is a varied and updated list of 31 of them, which I first posted during  Women’s History Month 2022, and am now posting again in 2023

The statue – unveiled at last.

You will be surprised by some.  And even if other names are familiar, you may learn something you didn’t know about them.

This year too, I am proud to see Endeavour House – our county hall – flying the suffragette flag during this month, after I proposed and reminded them last year. Well done, Suffolk County Council!
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The Woodbridge half of DBA turned down by Defra

PRESS RELEASE from Save the Deben

Save the Deben have heard today from Defra that Woodbridge has not met the Designated Bathing criteria set out in their regulations and so our local application will not be taken forward.
Our application for Waldringfield will however be taken to public consultation between the 10th and 24th March and a final decision is expected after that.
The campaign to achieve designated bathing water status is part of a strategic environmental initiative to secure ongoing water quality monitoring on the River Deben estuary.
In 2022 the ‘Save The Deben’ campaign group submitted applications to Defra for two sites along the tidal estuary: Woodbridge and Waldringfield, approx. 3 miles apart.
While thrilled that the Waldringfield portion of the application has passed the first hurdle, campaigners Ruth Leach and Caroline Page are disappointed that Woodbridge will not be taken forward
“ We are shocked and surprised that Woodbridge did not meet the criteria…if the numbers were too low surely its because swimmers are scared off by the 7 sewage outlet points draining in to the river in the Woodbridge stretch. However the bather count average of 58 swimmers a day during the recent Summer heatwave peak season shows that it is still clearly a bathing area, from the teenagers and Sup users at Wilford Bridge to the Sea Scouts at the Tide Mill and the Deben Bluetits swimming from the Town Steps.”
” Defra has a responsibility to appoint the Environment Agency to monitor water quality for the good of the estuary environment – it is outrageous that the hundreds of dinghy sailors, paddle boarders, kayakers, anglers who come in to contact with the water at varied depths and degrees of immersion could not be included in the count and will not know whether it is safe to do so,”says Town Councillor, Ruth Leech
The application for Woodbridge included 1158 pledges of support as well as letters of support from the parish, town, district and county councils, and national stakeholders such as Anglian Water and the National Trust.
“From my own point of view it is a tragedy,” says Woodbridge County Councillor Caroline Page, who is battling terminal cancer. “It means I will never in my lifetime be able to swim again in the Deben at Woodbridge. I cannot tell you what a loss this is ”
The campaign to achieve designated bathing water status is part of a strategic environmental initiative to secure ongoing water quality monitoring along the River Deben.
Woodbridge Mayor Patrick Gillard says ” Whilst I am very happy that Waldringfield has gone to the next step in achieving bathing water status, I am deeply disappointed that we have not yet been able to provide the same protection for all the hundreds of Woodbridge residents who make use of our entire reach of the river Deben.”

The decision will be appealed

Caroline Page, LibDem County Councillor for Woodbridge