Don’t forget – Suffolk also has District, Town and Parish elections on May 7th

BannerDon’t forget there are also District, Town and Parish elections taking place across Suffolk this coming Thursday May 7th.

Local elections matter!

Support your local Lib Dem Councillors. These are the people you meet in the street, at local events,  the ones who listen to your concerns about the areas in which we all live. We are the ones who act and try to make things better for us all. We don’t grab the headlines, but go about our business thoughtfully and diligently to the best of our ability. We are the ones who live in the areas we represent – we might even be your neighbour – we care passionately about our areas and want to do the best we can to maintain them.

“Just local elections”? No way! When you are casting your vote for the national picture this coming Thursday don’t forget to remember to vote for your local councillors  as well. And make sure you vote for the person you can rely on to work for you.

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