Brian Riley – Hadleigh’s long distance councillor?

Dave WoodJust what does Brian Riley the Conservative Councillor for Hadleigh think he is playing at? It is just beyond comprehension that he thinks he can still represent the good people of Hadleigh from his new abode in the USA.

As leader of Suffolk Lib Dems i am particularly angry because for close on 30 years Hadleigh was represented by Lib Dem Councillor David Grutchfield who was truly a man of the people. David was well known throughout Hadleigh, could be contacted day or night, would often be seen in the High Street – or any of a number of functions that might be taking place. David was your model of a good local councillor – always there to lend an ear and help out. Now what have Hadleigh got?  an absent councillor who is under the misapprehension that he can do the job from miles away! Think again Mr Riley. and do the decent thing and step down thereby allowing the people of Hadleigh to have their voice heard again.

David Wood


You can sign our petition to remove Brian Riley here

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